breaking down the walk : part 1

For my off-site show I wanted the work to be an exploration of the chosen site and how this fits into the context of the city. I approached this by walking from my flat in Holloway to the exhibition space in Peckham (a total of 7.3 miles taking 2 hours 14 minutes 1 seconds and 95 centiseconds). From this I aimed to create a series of works in which I explored this journey – and ways of representing this journey – in as much detail as possible.

After a tutorial with Sarah, I realised that my recent work has been as much about time as it has about space/place so I used this as a starting point for my “analysis”. The notion of combining objective, scientific factors such as time and distance with the subjective, emotional nature of an individual journey is interesting to me.


Here, each tally mark represents one second of the walk. I filmed myself doing this to compare the difference between how long something takes and how long it takes to represent (i.e, the walk was 8041 seconds, would it take 8041 seconds to represent this 8041 seconds?). However, my camera kept cutting out without me noticing it so the resultant footage is not at all representative of the act. This in itself produces something quite interesting as an inaccurate record of one act could be seen as in itself creating a new act: what walk is this video representing? This kind of mirrors my ideas from the beginning of the year about the power an artist has to say what they like about their own work and play with facts vs fictions.

I also find it interesting how what, for me, was a big task (walking across London) appears very unimpressive when presented like this. There isn’t as many pages / tallies as you would expect. A challenge I have had throughout the year is how to materialise/ display something immaterial in a way that doesn’t give too much away while still doing justice to the ideas behind the piece. The anti climactic effect of this piece kind of satisfies me in the sense that even if an idea/action is completely accurately represented, it can still appear inaccurate or unimpressive. For me, this gives the license to care a bit less.


Screenshots from “8041” video

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