Wrapping / Wax

In order to transport the components, I wrapped them up in little packages containing all the parts of each object. I really like these as little things in themselves. The breakdown has become irrelevant and so, in fact,have the objects, as the only indication of what is inside is a little note, which could be a lie. The identity of the object has been taken away, once again making the piece about the act of collecting, or the act of journey.

I also like the connotations of these things: is it a parcel that will be sent somewhere? A gift? This reminds me of early ideas I had about redistribution and rearranging one system into another system. Much of Francis Alys‘ work questions this idea of circulation and systems of distribution. Asco also challenge the idea of circulation in terms of the media.

Then cast every component in wax. Here, although they have lost a large amount of their identity as an object, they much more explicitly represent the object. I think these are super satisfying little things, however, I felt like I had spent a lot of time using the objects in an attempt to move away from the objects, which obviously doesn’t make sense. Especially as, in my eyes, they closely resemble the objects.

However, in a group crit people seemed to see them quite differently to me. They said that rather than being the same as the objects, they are more of an essence of the city. It was also said that they themselves form a kind of map and that perhaps they don’t need to be taken back to the city, but stay in some kind of composition as a representation of the city.¬† It is kind of nice to create something material and tangible, this is the first thing I really have from this term that still exists in a physical form.

There was also a big focus on their sanitised aesthetic which is interesting as it is something that I didn’t really pick up on myself. While they have an essence of the city, it is a clean, crisp essence. This is a complete distortion of the grimy, throwaway objects which I think creates an interesting tension as it makes the connection with¬† found objects less obvious / boring / pointless.

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