The Orange Walk II

I decided to use oranges to trace my journey. I didn’t want to use something permanent that would stick out (e.g tape, paint etc) as this would draw attention and make the ‘drawing’ into a literal drawing which isn’t really what I wanted as I enjoy the idea of taking over a space despite knowing knowing I have done it. Oranges are temporary and go ignored (as they are always dropped on streets), yet are brightly coloured so are noticeable despite not being out-of-the-ordinary.

Whilst on the initial 5 minute walk I was looking out for a way to mark my journey and thought it was funny how peoples exact movements/location can be traced using orange peel. People stand or walk whilst peeling leaving a trace of their actions.

The orange also reflects the shape of the walk which I find funny. I have made this section of London into a giant orange.

The conflict between my own rules and the rules of the city was very interesting. I set myself a route but had to ultimately do what the city wanted me to do as, obviously, the roads don’t follow my pre-decided shape.


I enjoyed working with oranges. There is something funny about them and this idea of eye-catching yet ignoreable works well alongside my interest in creating spaces and systems. It will be interesting to continue thinking about other things that trace in the same way as orange peel. Cigarette buts? Chewing gum?

Having said this, I don’t want to ditch the oranges.


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