The Orange Walk I

Thinking about using the city to create a kind of invisible system I wanted to do some kind of walk. I am very interested in the idea of claiming a space as my own and/or making it into something else.

My plan was to walk for 5 minutes and mark this point then create a circle around uni so that everywhere within the circle would be maximum 5 minutes away. However, this crossed over the river so I shifted my circle around to fin the best route. Perhaps I should have got a bit creative and figured out a way to tackle the river rather than just pretending it doesn’t exist, but I chose to keep my circle the exact same diameter, and still cross the original 5 minute mark, in order to keep as much integrity as possible.

5 minute radius – everything within 5 minutes. Goes across river.
Same size but shifted away from river. Crosses original 5 minute mark but not everywhere within 5 minutes.
Same size again but shifted so it crosses the river.

I also considered not using a circle, but rather returning to my ideas about remnants, specifically the marks left on the wall from earlier pieces (which I was drawn to as a way of creating a new system from an old system, but never actually took anyway). However, although this could work, there’s not really any reason for it and I kind of like the idea of forcing a perfect shape (i.e a circle) into the jagged linear streets of the city. It will be interesting to see how the walk is taken out of my control and into the control of the city. This will be more obvious when veering from the perfect curve of a circle.

Joined up the marks on the wall to create a loop.
Edited on to the map.



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