“Species of Spaces and Other Pieces”

Georges Perec

I read “Species of Spaces” because I felt it would be useful to address and explore my work’s clear, unavoidable link to the city. However, once I started reading I got very got up in, and excited by, the possibilities of spaces as a concept, rather than just specific place (e.g city). The more excited I got, the further my thoughts drifted from everything I have done up to this point and I started to see “Space” and “Mapping/Intervention” as two very different strands of interest. However, once I sat down and tried to organise my thoughts, I realised that these two strands are extremely intertwined and I could use what I had got from “Species of Spaces” to push my work forward, rather than using it as a new starting point.


  • Space as invention/illususion/perception : visual / grammatical ‘declaratives’ (I say it is this, therefore it is)
  • Questioning and distorting givens
  • Imagined vs real : is there really a difference?
  • Changing London – have I? / Can I?
  • Cataloguing and Breaking down. Can space be broken down and formalised? Using this as a means of manipulation.


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