I decided to keep going with the morphing of the tube map, rather than bringing in another, irrelevant system (eg alphabet). Here, I grouped the objects based on the line on which they were found, then made connections between mutual lines. For example there is a group of objects found on just the Victoria line, a group of objects from both the Victoria and London Overground lines, and a group found on just the London Overground.

I think this could be a very effective arrangement as it vaguely references the actual tube map in its layout, but is in fact completely made up. However, I would need to more space and would need to think carefully about where each pile goes and how exactly everything is connected; all Victoria lines to all Victoria lines or just all connected in a loop? Here, I began doing the former and it is already too cluttered.

The labels are for my benefit only, they would be taken off if I were to finalise this as a piece. It would be difficult to figure out what this map means.

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