I had decided to put up the map on the wall for the exhibition, however, when in the space I realised there was not as much wall space as expected and the majority of people in the group had wall-based work. This meant that I would have had to hugely reduce the size of my piece which wouldn’t have nearly as much impact. It also made sense for me to change my plan as I had other options whereas people presenting, for example, paintings, couldn’t change their plan as easily. Exhibiting my work as a floor-based piece would also allow me to expand my work greatly as there was a lot of unused floor-space.

Firstly, I had to fix the problems I had with my first attempt at the floor piece.

Here I only linked each pile once to the main “hub” of each line. Now it feels too empty. Maybe with more space I could make more connections.
This is linking up every pile on the Victoria and Piccadilly Lines. Even with just these 2 lines complete it is already too crowded. Need to find middle ground.

Final Exhibition piece

I chose to use blue tape for my exhibition piece. I did like the subtlety of masking tape structure in contrast with the boldness of the objects, however, I thought it would get kind of swallowed up when surrounded by all the other exhibition pieces. I thought the blue would be a subtle link to the tube map that the viewer would perhaps subconsciously pick up on.

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