The grid from my previous experiment reminded me of the co-ordinates grid on a tube map. For this piece I arranged the objects based on where on the map the were found – not worrying about if they overlapped other objects, which created this cluttered, incomprehensible arrangement. I think this piece is much more effective than the last.

Formally it is high impact due to the tension created by the area of high concentration vs the few objects to the top left and the objects on the floor. I also like the contrast between the pale, barely visible tape and the bold colours and shapes of the objects.

These factors are also interesting conceptually. The grid straight away creates a feeling that there is an order of some kind, but the sporadic arrangement of objects contradicts this. The viewer would never be able to figure out any kind of order, however, the co-ordinates grid very subtly alludes to it. The spreading of the objects from where they are supposed to be begins to warp the structure, making it into something else. Could I play with this?

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