I have realised that with just a week left until the deadline, there will not be enough time to go to all the remaining stations (roughly half left). It would be a better use of my time to start playing with the objects I have in order to figure out what I actually want to present in the exhibition. Since the tube map/ objects are not actually the focus of this body of work (they are just how the focus has manifested itself), I don’t think it is massively important to have an object from everywhere – I have already created a fairly vast network. Working in the studio will also help me push my ideas and see where I want to go with my work.

I plan to spend a week in the studio arranging, photographing and rearranging the objects.

Arranged in their retrospective lines. With only one object per station it is impossible to accurately categorise into lines because often one station is on multiple lines. This could be an effective way of manipulating the map.

There is a complete lack of structure here which makes the objects look       simply like a collection of stuff. It could be interesting to explore this idea of letting the objects be objects – rather than ‘artworks’ or ‘representations’ – however, they are currently in an ‘in between’ of organised and disorganised.


Put tags on each item with the name of the station at which it was found.

Thinking of museum tags and my earlier thoughts about fiction vs truth vs lies in terms of artworks, I tagged each object. I thought this would bring about a kind of order and exaggerate the viewers feeling that they should be able to find a pattern/order in the work. However, I think they make the link to tubes too obvious – I don’t want the work to become about tubes which this (obviously) forces it to be. The work is about how the artist can create systems generally, not about one system specifically. The colour and shape of the tags also don’t work in my opinion. They draw to much attention, bringing the focus to the location rather than the object. Perhaps would work better as a little black and white plaque next to the object, as opposed to attached to the object. Also need to consider the words on the plaque.

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