Presentation of work

Collecting the items for my London Underground work is taking a very long time which is preventing me from being in the studio creating physical work. Maybe it is time to hold off on collecting anymore items and take a week to just play with what I already have to stop my ideas/practical work from getting stale.

In terms of the objects I will start to look at artists such as Mark Dion, Clare Goodwin (“Museum of the Unwanted”) and James Brett (“Museum of Everything”).

I am also interesting in creating books / catalogues as the journey aspect has been very photography based but I’m not sure how effective straight print outs would be. I like the idea of creating something that perhaps appears to be something it’s not, e.g factual, pop-culture related, shop catalogue etc. I am interested in the work of Edward Ruscha and will research him further.

I also need to think about the presentation of my FOUND posters. Visually, they have a much higher impact when printed high quality and laid out in a very neat, “artwork on the wall” kind of way. However, this loses the idea of the work merging with the real world which is one of my key concerns. Although, picturing this set up outside on a wall is very different. It could take on the feeling of a billboard or a notice bored with pasted on adverts/posters.

I want to do something with the images of the low quality, distributed photos (the photos themselves are also very low quality, adding to the ‘real life’ quality). Perhaps a book or something would be effective here as well.

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