Street Installation / Interventionism

I am interested in how artists can affect the city as well as how the city affects artists. I was stopped from doing what I wanted with my posters because of systems in place within the city (e.g laws). I am interested in artists who play with these systems to manipulate spaces/objects and how this often takes forms unrecognisable to the viewer as “artworks”.

“Street installation” is, like traditional street art (e.g graffiti), often done illegally and anonymously under a pseudonym. These artists sometimes have political or social agendas – commenting on the use of ‘public’ spaces and the control over them as well as playing with social interaction within these spaces. Urban interventionists see “urban space as a medium, bringing art into peoples’ daily lives”; my particular interest however is in how art can be brought into “daily lives” without the viewer being explicitly aware of it, for example unlike artists such as Banksy.

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