London Underground


  • Must fit inside my rucksack.
  • Must be the FIRST item I find, even if it is boring or I already have lots of that thing.
  • Must be a possession, NOT litter. e.g must have belonged to someone at some point, not just the surrounding of the belonging.

After a tutorial, I started thinking more about how the work I’m doing relates to the city. It is impossible for this work to exist without an acknowledgement of the city so I decide to embrace this idea of creating some kind of city wide network. Using the London Underground allows me to hijack a preexisting system then morph it to create my own web.

My initial inspiration behind this work came from the fiction novel “The Shining Girls” by Lauren Beukes. It wasn’t the best book in the world but it was interesting to slowly discover the web created by the antagonist, Harper, a serial killer from the 1920’s. He travels through time killing girls and taking a ‘token’ from them which he then leaves with another dead girl in another time. I like the idea of creating this sort of invisible network (minus the murder). No-one will know it, but I will have taken over London – linking people and places that otherwise have no link. A smallĀ  change to a big city. Does this mean I will have changed London? Do I, an art student, have the power to make a city wide change?

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