“FOUND” continued

black and white low quality print out

My original intention was to widely distribute the posters around the city. However, after printing out over 100 copies, I discovered that this would be ‘fly-posting’ which could result in an £80-1000 fine. Which I’m not so up for. Especially seeing as the email address I used on the poster is a real one, just in case anyone felt the urge to respond.

Possible alternative poster placement:

  • Near the object. This would make the poster more humorous/ jokey. Would stop being about my influence on the object as an artist and become a silly vanadlism-esque act. Something for viewers to post on to facebook. This in itself creates a kind of meaning/structure. The power of the meme/ internet could bring its own chaotic order. But, loss of control as an artist.
  • Social media. I could start a twitter/fb/instagram for these items. This would bring back my power whilst utilising the power of the internet. Most likely way for the posters to be seen by a large audience and allows me to push the narrative that I have created. Also allows me to see the reaction of the viewer.
  • College. Putting the posters up at uni would be a very different thing. In the context of an art college, the posters would straight away be accepted as art/ a project. More likely to get responses via email?
  • Public noticeboards (e.g in large corporations such as starbucks, tesco etc). Would be an easy way of legitimising the posters; they would start to merge in with the other, real, posters which would either make them more like a ‘real’ poster, or would make the viewer notice them. Would they start to recognise these posters from other shops? What would they assume about them? Could also become a comment on capitalism and the power of big businesses. Almost a small fuck you to these huge corporations trying to make themselves feel like little, local, community spaces.

This starts to raise the question of the boundaries between real life and concept. Yes, I am an artist saying that this is art, but as soon as work such as this is released into the public, they kind of just become real posters. There is no platform on which I can take ownership unless I put up a gallery plaque next to each one, which would of course completely contradict the point of the piece as it would become purely aesthetic – the piece would then be the poster rather than the network of false meaning.

In my upcoming work I need to start thinking more about what the work is actually about. Is it about relationships between people and bringing them into some kind of web using possessions? Or is it just about the objects? Or the city? Or the concept? I think at the moment the aspect I am most interested in is the power of myself as an artist. This kind of incorporates all these aspects as I have the power to bring any meaning I want to objects, just by saying “this is what they are”, as well as being able to invent patterns between people and the city. Maybe I need to find a specific focus rather than being lazy and saying “I’m looking at all of these things”. But then again, maybe this will come as the project progresses.

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